Choosing a College Roommate

Congrats!! You got into college! Hopefully it is the one you were wanting to go to; but either way, you’ll still get an amazing education at whatever place you go to.

Once you chose the school you are going to go to, that’s not the end. There is still so much to do! Your next step is finding a roommate.

The first thing I would do is join all the Facebook pages, yes that means you have to make a Facebook, and follow your school on all other social media sites. So many people post on those sites, mainly the Facebook page about looking for a roommate. They usually write a small paragraph saying what their major for next year will be, and a little bit about themselves. They also include ways to contact them (not their phone number, just their social media) and some pictures of themselves.

Read through some! Get an idea of the people that are going to be going to your school. I would suggest that you should definitely get in contact with some of the people. Not just looking for a roommate, but to also get to know people. Many people actually post things saying that they already have a roommate, but are looking to get to know people, and so they contact people because of that, or others contact them. It is an amazing way to meet new people and get to know all of them.

Make a post of your own! Put yourself out there and get to know new people! Just talk about what type of person you are, and the things you like to do. It can be a scary thing to put a post like that out there, but if you do, you’ll get to know so many knew people, and even find a roommate.

I am rooming with my best friend next year, who I have known since second grade, so I got really lucky with that. But I had to wait a while to find out if I would even become roommates with her, so I got a chance to talk to a bunch of people.

Make sure you make a decision that you get to know the person. I know so many people that just chose random people they met through Facebook, but didn’t actually get to know them. So once they got to know them, they realized that it wasn’t a good fit and they had a hard time getting out of that.

If you are a lucky one like me, who gets to room with their best friend, you have just about all of it covered. Just make sure you know 100% that you will get along. You should know for certain if you would be able to live with them or not. Just because they were your best friend in high school, doesn’t mean you have to room with them. You can chose to live in the same building, so you are near each other, but not living in the same room with them.

Just remember to be open to everyone! Don’t be nervous because everyone is in the same exact place as you.


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