How DIY Projects Help Stress


Stress can become an awful thing, especially if it is not helped. Many people have their methods of how to help their stress. Since there are so many different types of stress, one method can’t be enough. Hands on projects have become more popular within the past few years; with a lot more people watching HGTV shows or using Pinterest to help inspire their ideas. Using different types of do it yourself projects, may help ones specific kind of stress.


                Anger can become a very strong emotion, and sometimes you need to let it out. Built up anger can lead to an eruption all at once of all those emotions and could be directed towards someone who doesn’t deserve it. But it’s easy to let the anger out before it gets that built up. The best thing someone can do is to do a project that releases all the anger, because you can hit things, or use a lot of force onto the object. When I have built up anger I always like to do projects around the house. One of the best things that helped me with my anger was putting the wood flooring into my middle floor of my house. I would lay a piece of the flooring down, and get to bang a nail into it multiple times. With every time I hit the machine, I got to release some of my anger, making me feel much better in the end. With anger you don’t want to do a project that makes you have to really concentrate, because you could get frustrated easily while completing it. You need a project that is simple, yet something that allows you to release that built up anger inside of you; like, hitting a hammer or even sawing some wood.


                Another very common type of stress is anxiety. It is very common with people now, compared to the past. It can be an awful feeling, to feel anxious. But, there are so many ways to help the anxiety get better or even go away. For anxiety, the best type of projects you can do is a calming project; something to take your mind off whatever is making you anxious. When I was really anxious once, something I did was plan out a small project that I wanted to do, and then made it. First planning it out can help because it is an easy way to feel organized. After planning it out, I made it and by the end my anxious feelings were basically gone. Some projects that are good to help anxiety would be painting, decorating one part of  your room, or even making small décor for around the house.


                Irritability can also be a very strong form of stress that can be helped by a project. When you’re irritable, you get annoyed very easily, or angry in some cases; so, the best you can do, is do a project by yourself. Do another simple project like painting or making a small object, similar to the ones used for anxiety, but do them by yourself. It’s best to be alone in the quiet for that type of stress. The type of thing I like to do is get everything I need for my project, and either go into by room, or onto by back porch. I lay everything out, and take my time with the project. Those types of projects usually last me a few days, which is nice if my irribility still isn’t gone the next day.


                Stress can become an awful feeling if not helped. With so many different projects out there, there is an endless amount of ways to help it. It’s important to put yourself first, and your mental health first, so doing projects that can help calm your stress will help you a lot in the future. It’s always best to fix it head on and right away. The last thing you want is it to build up, and get worse. So, the next time you feel stress in any way, go on Pinterest and find a project to do around the house.



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