Interior design

One Point Perspective

            Last semester in my interior design class that I took, we had to do a one point perspective project. That is basically the view of a room from one wall or view point. We were taught the basics, like how to draw the simple shape of the room from a certain perspective, and how to draw furniture so it also fit the perspective.

            With a one point perspective drawing you always start out with a rectangle in the middle of the paper, usually relatively small. Then, you draw line from the outer corners of the rectangle to the outer corners of the paper. If you do it right, it looks like you are looking into a room or into a box. After that, you can add whatever you want to the room.

            The room that I made for the class was a bedroom. I kept the room relatively neutral just because that is the style I personally like. The first thing I added into the room was the bed, which I kept very simple with a white tufted head board and white bedding. To add some color I added some grey and dusty rose pillows to the top of the bed and a small grey blanket at the end of the bed. The base of the bedframe is also white, made out of wood covered in a white vinyl.

            Next, I added cube shelves on the wall across from the bed. There are twelve, four by three, cubes on it that hold containers and books. I wanted to keep these decorations simple as well, so it didn’t look too cluttered. On top of the cube shelves is a large flat screen television that takes up the entire top of the shelves, so there is no room for anything else to be put up there.

            On the back wall, the one you are facing, is a large window that takes up almost all of the wall. I love large amounts of light in any rooms so I wanted to add something like this, so the lights on the ceilings could stay simple. There are dusty rose curtains that hang on the sides of the window that also match the pillows on the bed.

            To finish it off, I added dark grey brown wood floors and light grey walls. It adds a very cool tone to the room, since the dusty rose pillows and curtains give off such warm tones. With the neutral tones in the bedroom, the dusty rose adds a simple contrast the rest of the room.

            I really loved this project we did in class. My teacher let the class decorate it in any way we wanted to. This really made me think about where to place everything in the room, considering I was missing a wall to decorate (the wall you were looking in the room from). The project was an amazing learning opportunity and I was really happy on how the project turned out.


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