5 Ways to Help Stress

One of the biggest things that has always impacted my decisions in my life was my stress. I have always had it, since I was in elementary school. Stress decided if I was going to school one day or hanging out with my friends. There is a lot of stress that is a part of high school and life right now. I have college applications, grades to keep up, and make time for my friends and family. There are so many projects, essays, and homework assignments that add into my pile of stress every day. But, I have found some ways to help my stress and sometimes make it go away.

The main thing I do to relive my stress is just breathe. Focusing on your breathing is so simple, yet I forget to focus and calm it down. I focus on my breath and try and slow it down, counting as I go. My dad taught me this, when I was younger, and I would get frustrated studying for my tests with him. He would tell me to stop, just breathe and count to 50. You’d be surprised by how much something so simple can help in a moment of stress.

Another thing I do is exercise. I know everyone says to exercise, but it actually helps me in times of a lot of built up stress. Those 30 minutes spent running takes my mind off of things; it, lets out any frustrations that I have at that moment. I never used to be big on exercise but the older I got the more I realized how good it is for me, not only physically but mentally. Even if you run for 10 minutes once a week, those 10 minutes can let out any stress or frustrations you have at the moment, making a huge different in your mood for that day.

I have always been a person who likes to plan. Writing down what I have to do for the day or the rest of the week, helps put my mind at ease because I make a plan for all of the things I have to do. I have a planner that I bring with me to school and other places, and a calendar at home at my desk. If I have a free moment at school or throughout the day, I’ll write down exactly what I have to do that night and plan out how long it will take me, so I am not as over whelmed once I get to doing all of the work. Whenever I get an assignment, I write it down to make sure I won’t forget later and cause unnecessary stress on my part.

Starting a routine in your life can also be a large help. Wake up at the same time and try to go to bed at the same time every night. If you’re in school, begin your work right when you get home, not a couple hours later. Doing that will help a lot with saving yourself some time later on in the night. Picking out what you want to wear the night before, it saves you time and stress in the morning. I have been slowly going into my own routine and have seen a difference in my stress level. Having a schedule, and getting things done on time really helps my stress on a regular basis.

Another thing, which I wish I could be better at, is getting enough sleep. I notice a complete difference in how I feel during the day depending on how much sleep I get. If I get too much, I get stressed out and if I don’t have enough, I just zone out the entire day and stress out at night. Each person is different, but for me nine hours is the perfect amount of sleep. I am very guilty of coming home from school or work and taking a nap, except it’s not a nap because I’m asleep for almost two hours. Overtime I’ve stopped taking a nap and I get my work done sooner and I can go to bed earlier. Working this in with making a schedule, can help you get to bed earlier so you get plenty of sleep.

Stress of course affects all of us differently, but these are just some ways I deal with mine every day. One of the biggest things to keep in mind though, is just to relax. Most of the time I hate hearing that word when I’m stressed out, but it’s true. The things I stress the most about, don’t need to be stressed out about as much as they are. So just don’t forget to relax and focus on the important things in life.


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