Tiny House

I always imagine what my future home will look like. I have just about everything down to the color of the candles on a table. But one day I thought about how I would fit all my ideas into a tiny house.

I have always loved the idea of tiny homes and how creative the furniture is within it.

If I were to have my own tiny house, I would have everything down to a key. All of the rooms would have a dark wood flooring. My kitchen would be small but would have tall white cabinets. There would be a small island in the middle of the counter that would have an overhang so I could put bar stools under it. All of the counters would be a gorgeous white marble.

Next to the kitchen would be the family room. There would be a beautiful grey couch with white pillows. In front of the couch would be a coffee table made out of an old suitcase. In between the kitchen and the family room there would be a ladder that led up into a loft up above. In the loft would be my bedroom with a queen bed and a white comforter. The back wall there would be French doors that led out onto a little porch up above the front door.

In the back of the house would be the laundry room and the bathroom. Both of them having white marble floors to tie into the kitchen counter.

There are of course many details that I left out, but this would be what I wanted if I lived in a tiny house.

I encourage you to share your ideas and decorating ideas below!


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