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DIY Wire Wall Grid

img_0334Lately on my Pinterest feed I have seen so many versions of the wire wall grid, mainly the one from Urban Outfitters. Of course, the one from Urban Outfitters is over 100 dollars. I am working with a high school student budget. So, I went on a mission to find a cheap and easy way to make my own wire grid.



  • Wire mesh (can be found at a hardware store)
  • Paint
  • Thumb tacks or nails
  • Sharpie
  • Wire cutter
  • Wooden clothing clips


Step one:

Find out the measurements that you want for your wire grid and mark it on the wire mesh.

Use a sharpie to make the marks and make sure the wire mesh is completely flat on the ground



Step two:

Use wire cutters to cut the marks you made with the sharpie. After, use sand paper to sand down the parts of the wire so there are no sharp points.



Step three:

Take your paint, spray or by brush, and apply it to the front and back of the wire grid.

Apply two coats on the front side just to be sure no one is able to see through it.



Step four:

Hang it up on your wall! Use either nails or thumbtacks and put where ever you feel is necessary.




Step five:

Decorate it!

I personally love the look of Polaroid’s so I put a few of them randomly on the grid. You can add sunglasses or some headbands on the side. I added a calendar onto mine to take up a large space and a strand of lights around the outside of the wire grid.


Just be creative with what you put on your wire grid! Stick with a theme you like and make it your own!


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